The sport meet of our school

The Methodist  students are great pleasure in 2010 year.Because the methodist isuru school is  devoloping speedly and the main reason to have  a great pleasure to  students is  the sport meet.In that days  the students and teachers are  very busy.But they do their duties goodly and the teachers are work like  childrens.”GAGANA,SAGARA,MAHI” are the three houses of  our sport meet.”GAGANA”  means sky,”SAGARA” means sea and “MAHI”means the earth or land.The “SAGARA” was the  first place and  “GAGANA” was 2nd place.The “MAHI” was  3rd place.I’m also a member of  “SAGARA” house.In our sport meet our students friends are a good and clever personalities in sport.I’m sure in future  they are go to international and they gave our school to very proud.


When I grow upI often sit and

I  often sit and day dream  about all that I hope to do  when I grow up.I also count my fingers until that time.Nothing important is  ever done without paper planing.In the first place when I grow  up,I will reads lots of books,magazines and newspapers to gain knowledge.I would also  stive to have  a fine collection of books.I shall never feel  bored in the  company of my books.Secondly it is my ambition to  travel and see the world.

Water[the needs of human beings and nature]

our villageThe water is main character of living creatures existence.The man and  all living beings cannot live without this valuable thing.It has mainly three characters.Oderless,colourless and tasteless are the three characters of water.This is mainly supposed to the day today activities of human beings.Such as for Electricity,bathing,drinking,agricultural purposes and industries etc.My country is called  ”THE PEARL OF THE INDIAN ocean”

The value of environment

We all of us know the value of environment.But now the valueble environment was distroyed by the mens in the world.The good example for it the present man was cutting down trees for  theire day today activities.After what was happen ?  The world is distroyed.Because the trees are  produce oxigen and man haven’t live without oxigen in this world.Now the main problem is Industrialization.It was a very problem.It out poisonm gases.These poisons are mixed with water and air.This is the one character of world distroyed.  we can stop the environment.Please don’t  distroyed the environment and don’t to be give chance to world distroyed.

My country

My country is Sri Lanka.It is situated in indian ocean.In sri lanka there are lot of natural things and ancient things etc.Whole the world marvel  at the peace of our country because the world dangeorous war is in sri lanka and now it is end.It is started before 30 years.In this reason most of our soldiers are died,but now our country is devoloping very speedly.In the past and  present the  main lifehood in sri lanka is agriculture.Sri lanka have most beautiful and natural places.There were  middle hils,rivers,springs and many beautiful things.I think my country has so many beautiful places to visit  the visitors both local and foriegners.My country was won most  of meddlesin sport ,for a example susanthika jayasinghe was got silver meddle in athletic.Sri lanka have  clever singers,poets,archaeologists and workers etc.Whole the world know about Nillawelli beach,the town colombo and Rathnapura etc,because  they like to see the nice places,but they  do not visit all the beautiful places in sri lanka.There have a lot of  natural and ancient places.My village is also has a natural and it has a long history.It was named “UMANGALA”.The visiyors are not  know about this places because they  always  hear and  they  see pictures  in popular areas.

Let’s look after the elders

Elders are the senior citizens.They have work a lot.They are the people who have contributed toimprove this society.They have good very experiences,ideas and talents.Now they are old and can’t work as before.They are feeble.But we should respect and care for them.We must listen and respect their ideas.Let’s protect them without isolating them in elders homes.

Public property


Public property is a common property and it is every one’s property.Any thing providing service for the public  is known as public property.We get a right to use the public  property by our birth.It is our responsibility to get the maximum use  public property and  conserve them for the future generation.Schools,parks,libraries,electricity equipment,telephone lines,taps,the railway,the bus service and the hospitals  are some examples for public property.It is our  duty to use  and preserve  the public property for our bettarment  and for the others.

My grand mother

My grand mother is mrs.kusumalatha.She is very old.She is 58 years old.Her hands are feeble.She can’t work fast.But she can read the newspaper very well.She tells me nice stories and events in the past.She has a good memory.She observe sil on poya days.She loves us and protect us.She likes to the radio.Her favourite food is rice.she can recites verses very well.Her favourite food is reading books.She makes very tasty foods.She makes her garden nice.It has all vegetables.Some times she draws sketches of birds.She is chief by women in the temple.She always speak thruth.In the evening she recollect her past.She does her duties and responsibilities.She is very thrifty.She did her job very well.She is a very loyal to the religion.She is the best grand mother in the world.May she live long.