The sport meet of our school

The Methodist  students are great pleasure in 2010 year.Because the methodist isuru school is  devoloping speedly and the main reason to have  a great pleasure to  students is  the sport meet.In that days  the students and teachers are  very busy.But they do their duties goodly and the teachers are work like  childrens.”GAGANA,SAGARA,MAHI” are the three houses of  our sport meet.”GAGANA”  means sky,”SAGARA” means sea and “MAHI”means the earth or land.The “SAGARA” was the  first place and  “GAGANA” was 2nd place.The “MAHI” was  3rd place.I’m also a member of  “SAGARA” house.In our sport meet our students friends are a good and clever personalities in sport.I’m sure in future  they are go to international and they gave our school to very proud.


My country

My country is Sri Lanka.It is situated in indian ocean.In sri lanka there are lot of natural things and ancient things etc.Whole the world marvel  at the peace of our country because the world dangeorous war is in sri lanka and now it is end.It is started before 30 years.In this reason most of our soldiers are died,but now our country is devoloping very speedly.In the past and  present the  main lifehood in sri lanka is agriculture.Sri lanka have most beautiful and natural places.There were  middle hils,rivers,springs and many beautiful things.I think my country has so many beautiful places to visit  the visitors both local and foriegners.My country was won most  of meddlesin sport ,for a example susanthika jayasinghe was got silver meddle in athletic.Sri lanka have  clever singers,poets,archaeologists and workers etc.Whole the world know about Nillawelli beach,the town colombo and Rathnapura etc,because  they like to see the nice places,but they  do not visit all the beautiful places in sri lanka.There have a lot of  natural and ancient places.My village is also has a natural and it has a long history.It was named “UMANGALA”.The visiyors are not  know about this places because they  always  hear and  they  see pictures  in popular areas.