The sport meet of our school

The Methodist  students are great pleasure in 2010 year.Because the methodist isuru school is  devoloping speedly and the main reason to have  a great pleasure to  students is  the sport meet.In that days  the students and teachers are  very busy.But they do their duties goodly and the teachers are work like  childrens.”GAGANA,SAGARA,MAHI” are the three houses of  our sport meet.”GAGANA”  means sky,”SAGARA” means sea and “MAHI”means the earth or land.The “SAGARA” was the  first place and  “GAGANA” was 2nd place.The “MAHI” was  3rd place.I’m also a member of  “SAGARA” house.In our sport meet our students friends are a good and clever personalities in sport.I’m sure in future  they are go to international and they gave our school to very proud.


Water[the needs of human beings and nature]

our villageThe water is main character of living creatures existence.The man and  all living beings cannot live without this valuable thing.It has mainly three characters.Oderless,colourless and tasteless are the three characters of water.This is mainly supposed to the day today activities of human beings.Such as for Electricity,bathing,drinking,agricultural purposes and industries etc.My country is called  ”THE PEARL OF THE INDIAN ocean”

The value of environment

We all of us know the value of environment.But now the valueble environment was distroyed by the mens in the world.The good example for it the present man was cutting down trees for  theire day today activities.After what was happen ?  The world is distroyed.Because the trees are  produce oxigen and man haven’t live without oxigen in this world.Now the main problem is Industrialization.It was a very problem.It out poisonm gases.These poisons are mixed with water and air.This is the one character of world distroyed.  we can stop the environment.Please don’t  distroyed the environment and don’t to be give chance to world distroyed.