Ancient temple with a long history

Umangala is a very ancient temple with a long history.There’s a long tunnel and many ancient things there.People beleive that the king dewpathis has built this temple.It is very special that this temple is situated in Hakmana town,and whole the world marvel at the uniquness of this temple.Though it is rich with natural beauty and antiques,it is a surprise  that most of the visitors both local and foriegn do not visit this place.People beleive that there’s a large cobra inside this tunnel.This tunnel runs to the ancient temple Mulkirigala.Ther is another some type of tunnel there.You can see the pituresque  beauty of the area when you climb to the top of the temple premises.There’s astupa there.This temple is very famous in sri lanka. visit our e-village.


How i spent my leisure time

The  leisure time comes slowly to us.It is cannot to be seen or cannot to be heard and it does not come always to us.But when i have a leisure time in any time in a day i get my books and newspapers and read them well and they are  get to mind.It is my pleasure.By reading books i have two advantages.They improve our knowledge and it helps to our studies.That time i have a good mind,because i haven’t any trouble like sounds.I think  the leisure time  gave us to good experiences.

The month of literature

.September is very important for us,because september is well known for Literature month. In Literature we can study about many good items,they are true stories,novels,poems,characters andabout life.In english Literature one lesson have about our life and its theme is “EVERYMAN”.The birth of Literature in 1957 September 7 and 8 is started by M.R.S.W.R.D.BANDARANAYAKA.When he was started Literature department in 1956 year.In sri lanka the Literature ceromony is held very highly.

My favourite cricketer

Sanath Jayasooriya is my favourite sports personality.He  is a world famous cricketer.He has proved that Sri Lankan’s are all rounders for cricket.Even without many  facilities.He is an all-rounder an is specially famous for his fast batting style.He holds the record for the highest number of runs twenty six-scored in a single over and the fasted half centuary in one day internationals.He is an old boy of st.servatius  college Matara.

My school

My school is MR/Methodist central college.It is situated in Matara district.The entrance to my school is very attractively.Flowers are grown at the either side of the entrance.The children’s of my school is  won many places from studies,sports and extra curricular activities.The teachers in my school is dedicated and they do hard work.My school is build up in future “Isuru pasala”.There are a number of  buildings.they are nicely painted and named.There are a computer unit,laboratory and a library.The students in my school about 970 and the teachers about 50.My school have a good surrounding and a nice play ground. Some students have won first place in sinhala day competitions,English day competitions and from sports competitions.I think my school is the best school in Sri Lanka.Because my school have good teachers,good students and very good principle sir.Another thing is my school have a good environment to student’s studies.

The war of sri lanka

30 years ago we should have to hear the war sound and the mans grief.The war teams are increasing all of us know well the war is distroyble thing .It suffer to our people and our property.But our soldiers were get danger themselves and go boldly to war.this situation fatalometimes soldiers were fought so  well  like heros but some times some body fell or die.Now we have a peaceful country.It was got by our heros.They are very noble.


Doctor is a highly respectable person.He earns a satisfactory salary.He does hard work.He works during day and night.He has a wide knowledge about medicines and illnesses.He spends his time with patients. a doctors kind and dedicated service heals a world.


SOLDIER IS A VERY IMPORTANT PERSONALITY IN A COUNTRY,its people,and their property.the soldier is most important in a time of war.he earns a good salary and does hard work.he puts his life in danger to protect the other people.his job is not a comfortable job.

Let’s look after the elders

Elders are the senior citizens.They have work a lot.They are the people who have contributed toimprove this society.They have good very experiences,ideas and talents.Now they are old and can’t work as before.They are feeble.But we should respect and care for them.We must listen and respect their ideas.Let’s protect them without isolating them in elders homes.

Public property


Public property is a common property and it is every one’s property.Any thing providing service for the public  is known as public property.We get a right to use the public  property by our birth.It is our responsibility to get the maximum use  public property and  conserve them for the future generation.Schools,parks,libraries,electricity equipment,telephone lines,taps,the railway,the bus service and the hospitals  are some examples for public property.It is our  duty to use  and preserve  the public property for our bettarment  and for the others.