The dangeorouse of smoking

In the present world the new fashion  is smoking.The youth mens are like to smoking.But it  makes us in cancer.After the school age of man he took  foot on win of his life.But he no about the dangearous of  the smoking.They are get there body to poison gas and they quickly to be patient.There have a Nicotin kabon monokside.They are killed the mans who was smoking.The tobacco companies are spent in a day more than one million.Now this smoking is more problem to the present world.Because the  get their pavement and he got a they returned home  he know the others are to be patient in the smoking.But he do it so far.Now his family like a flood.Their family havent peace.Always they are troubles.His brain system is now broken.We all of can the smoking is stopped toand prohibited in this world.After we can took a good place in our country good environment.


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