My grand mother

My grand mother is mrs.kusumalatha.She is very old.She is 58 years old.Her hands are feeble.She can’t work fast.But she can read the newspaper very well.She tells me nice stories and events in the past.She has a good memory.She observe sil on poya days.She loves us and protect us.She likes to the radio.Her favourite food is rice.she can recites verses very well.Her favourite food is reading books.She makes very tasty foods.She makes her garden nice.It has all vegetables.Some times she draws sketches of birds.She is chief by women in the temple.She always speak thruth.In the evening she recollect her past.She does her duties and responsibilities.She is very thrifty.She did her job very well.She is a very loyal to the religion.She is the best grand mother in the world.May she live long.


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